"You’re sure to see something you haven’t seen before, or learn something you never knew about Las Vegas."

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Why this Vegas site?

We have seen an original, 1611 , first edition of the King James  Holy Bible. Have you?

We gazed at the world’s largest chocolate waterfall. Have you?

Iconic Dolphinx from the Fabulous Mirage

Dolphins at the Mirage in Las Vegas

We stood under 10 tons of hand-blown glass flowers “blooming” over our heads. Have you?

Our Las Vegas experiences are quite different than most. Yes, we love to do the “typical” things that visitors do… but we also love to find those amazing things in Las Vegas most never get a chance to see or do. Vegas is full of them!

Born and raised in Arizona, both Melanie and I have made numerous trips (and continue to do so) to Las Vegas and discovered so many “hidden” treasures we had to share them. Please enjoy this site and share your fun Las Vegas experiences. We would love to hear them.

Check in frequently for the latest happenings in Las Vegas. We update this site with the latest news from all the hotels, casinos, nightclubs,  and attractions plus off the beaten path activities you won’t want to miss in “Fabulous Las Vegas!”

Speaking of off the beaten path, don’t forget to check out our latest book, Betcha Missed It! Find the Hidden Treasures On and Around the Las Vegas Strip,  the perfect companion to guide you to the popular and not so popular on your next Vegas adventure.

See ya on the Strip!



 Scott and Melanie are  instructors at a small Arizona college. Both have been to Las Vegas numerous times and are considered “experts” by many on the non-traditional things to do in Sin City. To ask them a question or find out more, email them at info@betchamissedit.com.


2 Comments on "Why this Vegas site?"
  1. Site Administrator
    November 1, 2011 at 10:48 am
    admin says:

    Just had an exciting time it Las Vegas over Halloween weekend! Spent time in Chateau and Club Nikki enjoying the nightlife and meeting great individuals. We hope you didn’t miss Las Vegas over Halloween… but if you did, there is always something great happening in Sin City.

    Some of the most interesting yet not-so-well known things to do and see are available in our new book, Betcha Missed It! Las Vegas Find the Hidden Treasures On and Around the Las Vegas Strip. Be one of the first to experience this guidebook that is also a treasure hunt game! Copies available through the home page (PayPal) or on Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Betcha-Missed-Hidden-Treasures-Around/dp/0984014306/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1320169666&sr=1-1

  2. Comment left on:
    July 24, 2012 at 11:56 am
    Admin says:

    Summer is coming to a close…

    Have you visited Las Vegas yet? No? Well, why not?

    You could swim with sharks!
    You could see the world’s largest chocolate fountain!
    You could get a drink at Nevada’s largest bar! (It is really long!)
    Or, you could get lucky at love, win some money, and just have a really good time!

    Why not go? Don’t forget your guidebook- Betcha Missed It! Find the Hidden Treasures On and Around the Las Vegas Strip.

    See you on the Strip!

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