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Other Las Vegas Happenings

FlightLinez- Bootleg Canyon and Downtown Fremont Street

Most people’s first reaction when they see the Flightlinez ad is, “Whoa! That looks like fun.”

They are right.

Flightlinez brings an amazing zipline experience to Vegas that has something for everyone. From the party-central Fremont Street location to the rugged Bootleg Canyon site, these guys satisfy thrill cravings daily.

Want to stay in town? Soar beneath the VivaVision Canopy five stories in the air at Flightlinez Fremont Street! Staff is friendly and efficient getting you from the check in counter to “flight ready” in just a few minutes. (Note: There are hundreds of tours/activities to do in Las Vegas but few leave you feeling like your money and time were wisely spent. Flightlinez achieves both!) Flightlinez Fremont Street is a very popular attraction and at times the lines can be long. Don’t want to wait? Make a flight reservation and skip the line. We definitely recommend it. Costs a few dollars more to soar at night under the canopy, but as we found out flying with the light show above you and the Fremont Partiers below is thrilling and something to brag about when you get home.

If Flightlinez Fremont Street leaves you wanting more, or if you like your thrills super-sized, get out to the Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon located in Boulder City (about a half hour from the Las Vegas Strip). Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon promises spectacular views, heart-pounding speeds and amazing outdoor fun. And it delivers on these promises- big time!

Stand at the top of a mountain and take pictures of the Las Vegas Strip, Lake Mead, and the Hoover Dam all from the same spot. Laugh and relax as professional, attentive and entertaining staff makes sure you have the time of your life. (It’s like ziplining down a mountain with the skippers from the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland! Hilarious and fun. Shoutout to Gentry, Hudson, and Matt!) Soar through the air at over 60 MPH on four different zip lines up to ½ mile in length. Take pictures that will leave your Facebook friends wondering when you got so cool. End the day feeling like you graduated from Vegas Tourist to Stunt Double!

With the free shuttle ready to take you from the Las Vegas Strip to Boulder City and back, the only thing you will need to worry about is figuring out when you can go again!

Let's Fly! Check out Flightlinez- Las Vegas!

3 Comments on "Other Las Vegas Happenings"
  1. Site Administrator
    May 16, 2012 at 9:41 am
    admin says:

    We love O’Sheas! What a great place for a wee bit o’ fun in Las Vegas. It makes us sad that O’Shea’s is closing down at the end of April.

    So, in memory of O’Sheas, we wrote the following ode…

    Ode to O’Shea’s
    (or, I Miss Me Green)

    I miss me green,
    That’s what I’ll be sayin’
    As I wander the Strip
    No beer pong to be playin’.

    I miss me green,
    That’s what I’ll be mumblin’
    On April 30, the last time
    Out O’Shea’s door I’ll be stumblin’.

    I miss me green,
    Be thinkin’ it’s a sinister plot
    To steal away me pal, Lucky
    Who always poured me a shot.

    I miss me green,
    No more cashing in me paycheck,
    Drinks from black & green striped servers,
    and a craps dealer named Shrek.

    I miss me green,
    Laddies & Lasses far and near,
    We’ll have no more Lucky on the bar,
    No more St. Patty’s day beer.

    I miss me green,
    I ask ye sadly, who knew
    So many bittersweet Irish memories
    Could live in a single Vince Neil Ink tattoo.

    I miss me green,
    Las Vegas be cryin’ ye a lake.
    Raise yer pints, show respect
    At this proper Irish wake.

    I miss me green.

    Raisin’ our pint one last time to ye!

  2. Site Administrator
    June 4, 2012 at 12:15 pm
    admin says:

    You have to Dig This!

    I still blame my babysitter because she moved the couch…

    Growing up I have fond memories of my home in Gilbert, Arizona. The home was spacious (my father worked hard) and had a huge yard. On one side of the house was a football/soccer field, the other side a garden. We had a pool which was really nice for the hot, Arizona summers. But one of the best places to play was around the irrigation canals behind the home- a boy’s dream world! Lizards and frogs to catch, water to play in (when it was irrigation day), and lots and lots of dirt. That dirt was moved around by the metric ton with my Tonka trucks! Excavators, loaders, dump trucks- yeah, it was cool.

    Meanwhile my sister played with her barbies. Lame.

    My parents went out one afternoon/evening as parents need to do. It was raining outside so my dirt paradise was now a muddy mess. In what I thought was an easy fix, I brought my heavy, metal Tonka dump truck out of the the rain and into the house. Now I could enjoy the nuances of big truck manipulation in the home. There was only one problem. My naive babysitter had no idea that heavy, metal Tonka trucks were forbidden in the house. Probably because they were heavy and metal. What the babysitter doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

    For some reason, the living room couch was moved. I think it was due to my female siblings wanting to build a playhouse for their stupid barbies. The real estate in the living room was spacious, but limited as any real estate is. And there was excavating to be done where their playhouse was located… not a good situation.

    My sister started to tease me, mocking me with her barbie village. Her playhouse expanded beyond legal, living room boundaries, and I was getting mad. With Tonka truck in position, my sister again started her little dance of irritation- and I responded. My trusty Tonka truck left my hand and sped toward my sister at a rapid speed. Unfortunately, she had taken dance lessons and easily avoided the oncoming, wheeled, heavy, metal toy. I had pushed it hard. Did you know dry wall really isn’t all that strong? Especially when a heavy, metal Tonka truck smashes into it. Yeah, big hole. Yeah, I was in big trouble.

    Stupid babysitter. Stupid sister.

    That ended my Tonka truck collection and my future in the heavy equipment industry.

    *** fast forward 30 years ***

    These are not Tonka trucks! Bigger, better, more powerful! Oh yes!

    Dig This! in Las Vegas is the only place in America where adults can live out their kid- fantasy of driving those big machines. On five-plus acres of nothing but pure, movable dirt, it is the grown-up version of the area behind the irrigation ditch. An adult sandbox! Licensed and professional instructors outfit you with necessary gear, including headset and microphone, and then guide you through how to operate an excavator or bulldozer. You will dig holes- big ones! You will push heavy tires through an obstacle course. You will max-out that over-sized Tonka truck and race others to the finish line. It is an amazing experience. Only in Las Vegas will you be able to Dig This! And we did!

    Located at 3012 S. Rancho Drive in Las Vegas, Dig This! delivers on fun and value. The people are friendly, the machines are real and really big, and it will be an experience you will never forget. Dig This! wasn’t voted the number one attraction in Las Vegas by TripAdvisor.com for nothing! Save some of your time and money for this adventure.

    Oh, and those barbie-loving sisters… yeah, they can drive them too. And, well, they might beat you in the race. (sheepish smile)

    Website: http://www.digthisvegas.com/

    News story : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKLPNJwWis0

    Even the Ladies can drive these things

  3. Site Administrator
    July 24, 2012 at 10:49 am
    admin says:

    Harley Davidson Café – Las Vegas Strip

    Like Mom’s Home Cookin’!

    We’ve all been there during a Vegas trip. Spanked at the slots, tanked at the tables. No love from the dice, no sympathy from the cards. Every Vegas trip has its low spots. The casino reminds you who’s boss. And it isn’t a good feeling.

    It’s times like this when the upscale, trendy restaurants leave you wanting. Not only are the prices through the roof, adding insult to injury, but for some reason eating something you can’t pronounce just doesn’t feel right. At times like this, like my grandpa used to say, you need something that sticks to your bones.

    Food like Mom used to make.

    But you didn’t bring Mom to Vegas (good thing, after what you did last night). So what do you do?

    Get yourself to the Harley Davidson Café. Across the street from the Cosmopolitan and Crystals, the Harley Davidson Cafe is frequently overlooked by passersby. Often mistaken for nothing more than a Harley Davidson gear store (easily done, considering the front IS a store) – many think it is just a place for Harley lovers to get a stamped leather jacket and do-rag. Big mistake! The café is a definite must for those craving good food, but not wanting to break the bank.

    Walk through the front doors, passing beneath a massive Harley Davidson motorcycle, and try your best not to ogle all of the celebrity memorabilia that surrounds you as you are taken to your seat by the friendly staff. Autographed bike tanks, leather jackets, photographs and more surround you look at a menu filled with familiar foods from this all-American venue. The centerpiece of the restaurant is a towering 30 foot, 10-ton chain-link American flag, with full-sized motorcycles moving around the restaurant on a pulley system hanging from the ceiling. You can even get your photo taken sitting on a Hog as you wait for your appetizers to arrive!

    Pull out your napkin and tuck it in as you are served up huge helpings of comfort food that are good for your wallet, your stomach, and your soul. Billed as the “Best BBQ in Vegas,” the Harley Davidson Café doesn’t disappoint. Our samples of the BBQ pork sandwich, macaroni & cheese, chicken & corn chowder soup, and buttermilk biscuits with maple butter made us want to peek into the kitchen and see if Mom had actually followed us to Vegas (in which case, we’d better straighten up).

    After finishing our homemade apple pie (a dish we’ll only speak of in reverent, hushed tones from now on), the Harley Davidson Café left us ready to take on the city once more. Recharged, rejuvenated, and still with a few bucks in our pocket. Look out, Sin City! We’re back!

    Sometimes you just need a little “down home” cookin’ – even in Las Vegas.

    Thanks Mom.

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