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We love Las Vegas! It is an exciting place that offers a little bit of something for everyone. Yet, in our visits, we have noticed that most people do not "know" exactly what they are going to do once they arrive in Sin City. Do you see a show? Are you going to check out a nightclub? Is gambling your thing? All of these are popular options but even when they are combined they do not make up a whole day in Las Vegas. What if you are staying week? What are you going to do with all your time? We have a solution...

We have looked up and down, in and out of most of the Vegas hot spots and discovered things most people never see. Even the "locals" don't know most of these things are right in their own backyard. Our book, Betcha Missed It! Las Vegas Find the Hidden Treasures On and Around the Las Vegas Strip provides you with information, facts, and most importantly- a game! The book is a hunt that leads you to very cool things to see and do in Las Vegas. Now you can plan on seeing that show and going to a club but you also can fill the rest of your day in Fabulous Las Vegas!

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